Guide to Registering and Logging in at Pin Up Online Casino

Registering at Pin Up casino is a necessary step for anyone wishing to indulge in online gaming on this platform. This registration ensures the authenticity of your personal details and validates them. Similarly, logging in maintains the security of your account each time you engage with the platform.

Register at Pin Up Casino

Although the Pin Up casino has a straightforward registration process with detailed instructions on their site, we’ve compiled a succinct guide for you. Note: This information is relevant for players from India and other global regions.

Steps for Pin Up Casino Registration

  1. Navigate to the Official Casino Website: Begin by accessing the official Pin Up casino website. This will ensure the safety of your personal data.
  2. Locate Registration Buttons: Once on the homepage, direct your attention to the top right corner. Here, you’ll find two options: “Log in” and “Sign up”.
  3. Initiate Registration: Click on the red “Sign up” button to start the registration process.
  4. Choose a Registration Method.
  5. Select Currency Preference: You can pick from 18 different currency options, including the BDT.
  6. Agree to Terms: Before proceeding, you must agree to the terms and conditions. You can do this by ticking the checkbox located at the lower section of the registration tab. Once done, click the “Sign up” button.
  7. Complete Verification: Depending on your chosen registration method, you’ll need to verify either your email address or phone number. This is typically a quick process, often completed in just a few minutes.

Once the registration is complete, you can securely log in to your account and enjoy the diverse gaming experiences Pin Up casino offers. Always remember to use the official website for both registration and login to ensure the utmost security of your personal details.

Registration via Phone Number

  1. Access the Registration Form: Click the registration button on the Pin Up website or within the Pin Up Mobile app.
  2. Choose Phone Number Method: Opt for the registration method via phone number.
  3. Enter Details: Provide your phone number. You’ll receive a confirmation code via message. Input this code.
  4. Completion: Once you confirm your registration, note down the provided Username and Password that will display on your screen.
  5. Log In: You’re now ready to access your personal Pin Up account and engage in real money play.

Registration via Email

  1. Access the Registration Form: Whether on the Pin Up website, PC app, or mobile app, click on the respective registration button.
  2. Provide Information: Complete all necessary fields. This includes country, region, first and last names, email address, and phone number. Additionally, set your login password.
  3. Create Your Account: Finalize your registration and then log in. With this, you’re primed to start betting or enjoying casino games on Pin Up.

Registration via Social Networks

  1. Open Account Creation Window: Within this window, opt for the social network registration method.
  2. Choose a Social Network: Decide which social media platform you wish to link with your Pin Up account and click on it.
  3. Specify Details: Choose your currency preference and indicate your country of residence.
  4. Complete the Registration: Finish the process by pressing the corresponding button.
  5. Easy Access: Post registration, your Pin Up username and password will be visible. A unique feature here is that you can log into your account using a single click via the linked social networks.

How to Access a Player’s Account: The Login Process

Whether you’re engaging with an online casino, gaming platform, or any other online service, the process of logging into a player’s account is crucial for security and functionality. Here’s a general guide on how to access a player’s account:

  1. Visit the Platform’s Website or App: Begin by navigating to the official website or launching the mobile application of the platform where you have an account.
  2. Locate the Login Button: Typically found on the top right corner of the homepage, look for buttons or links labeled “Login”, “Sign In”, or “Access Account”.
  3. Enter Credentials: Once you click on the login button, a form usually appears prompting you to enter your username or email address and password.
    1. Username/Email: This is the unique identifier you chose or were given when you registered. For some platforms, this could also be your email address.
    2. Password: This is the secure word or set of characters you selected during the registration process. Always keep this confidential.
  4. Two-Factor Authentication (Optional): Some platforms have an additional security step known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). If enabled, after entering your primary credentials, you’ll be prompted to enter a code that’s sent to your registered phone number or email. This adds an extra layer of security to your account.
  5. Access Your Account: After successfully entering your credentials (and 2FA code if required), click on the “Login” or “Submit” button. You’ll then be directed to your account’s dashboard or main page.
  6. Forgot Password Option: If you can’t recall your password, most platforms offer a “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” link on the login page. Clicking on this will typically lead you to a process where you can reset your password using your registered email address.
  7. Log Out: Once you’re done using your account, for security reasons, it’s advisable to log out, especially if you’re on a shared or public computer. The logout option is usually found in the account settings or profile dropdown.

Always remember to use a secure internet connection when accessing your account, especially if you’re inputting sensitive information or conducting transactions. It’s also wise to regularly update your password and use unique, complex passwords for different online accounts to enhance security.

Register and Play

How to Authenticate Your Pin Up Account: Verification

While Pin Up doesn’t mandate immediate verification for new players, there may come a time when long-standing members are requested to authenticate their identity. This is primarily to adhere to local regulations and, additionally, to meet our international license stipulations.

If prompted by our team for identity verification, follow these steps:

  • Complete Your Profile: Begin by logging into your Pin Up account. Populate the necessary fields with your personal details, such as your name, country of residence, city, and date of birth.
  • Choose and Detail Your Identification: Within a designated section, select the type of identification you’d like to use for verification (e.g., domestic passport or international passport). Subsequent fields will appear, prompting you to input specifics about the chosen document: issue date, issuing authority, document number, and series.
  • Submit Clear Images: Provide clear and legible photographs of your chosen identification. Ensure all the essential details are discernible.
  • Await Verification Status: Our security team will review the documents you’ve submitted. Upon successful verification, your account will be granted a “verified” status. Typically, this review process is swift, often concluding within a few hours.

Remember, the verification procedure is a one-time requirement. However, should there be any changes in your identification or if a previously used ID becomes invalid, it’s essential to inform our customer support team promptly.

User Requirements for Registration

Pin Up operates legally and complies with the legal regulations of the countries where it provides its online services. As such, potential users must be aware of the following registration and account usage guidelines:

  • Eligibility: Any individual from Bangladesh of legal age is eligible to create a new account on Pin Up.
  • Single Account Policy: Each user is permitted only one personal account for real money gaming.
  • Prohibited Activities: The use of your account for fraudulent purposes or money laundering is strictly forbidden.
  • Honesty is Mandatory: Users must provide truthful information during both the registration and verification processes at Pin Up.
  • Acceptance of Terms: By establishing an account, users agree to the terms of use and fair play rules outlined by Pin Up.

These are the fundamental regulations pertaining to Pin Up registration. If you’re an adult user from Bangladesh and intend to use your account for betting, casino games, and winnings, then compliance with these rules will ensure a smooth experience with Pin Up.

Common Registration and Login Issues and Their Solutions

Navigating online platforms can sometimes come with challenges, especially during registration and login processes. Below are some frequent issues users encounter and solutions to address them:

“Username/Email Already Exists” During Registration

This means that the username or email you’re trying to use is already registered on the platform. Try using a different username or ensure that you haven’t already registered with that email. If you suspect someone else registered with your email without your knowledge, contact customer support.

Incorrect Password Error During Login

Ensure you’re entering the correct password. If you’ve forgotten it, use the “Forgot Password” option to reset it. Always make sure the Caps Lock key isn’t inadvertently on when typing your password.

Account Locked After Multiple Failed Login Attempts

For security reasons, some platforms lock accounts after several unsuccessful login attempts. Usually, you can unlock the account by following emailed instructions or by contacting customer support.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Code Not Received

Wait for a few minutes as there might be a delay. Ensure your registered phone number or email is correct and accessible. If the issue persists, contact support or try requesting another code.

Registration Form Not Accepting Certain Inputs

Ensure you’re filling out all fields according to the platform’s requirements. For instance, some platforms require passwords to contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Always double-check your inputs for any typos or errors.

“Email Not Verified” Alert Post Registration

Check your email (including spam or junk folders) for a verification link or code sent by the platform. Click the link or input the code where required. If you didn’t receive any email, ensure your registered email is correct or request a new verification email.

Slow or Failed Login Process

This can be due to server issues or a slow internet connection. Ensure you have a stable internet connection. Clear browser cache and cookies or try accessing the platform using a different browser or device. If the problem persists, the platform’s servers might be temporarily down, so consider trying again later.

Account Suspended or Deactivated

This may occur due to suspicious activity or violations of the platform’s terms of service. Contact customer support for clarifications and potential solutions.


Navigating the online realm of Pin Up Casino is straightforward, but like any platform, there can be challenges during registration, login, and verification processes. Armed with the knowledge of common issues and their solutions, users can enjoy a smoother experience. Regularly updating your credentials and maintaining a secure connection ensures you get the most out of your Pin Up gaming adventures.


Why am I seeing 'Username/Email Already Exists' during registration?

This likely means that the username or email you've chosen is already in use. Consider using an alternative or checking if you've previously registered.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Utilize the 'Forgot Password' option to reset your password. Instructions will typically be sent to your registered email.

How long does the verification process take at Pin Up Bangladesh?

While the timeframe can vary, verification typically concludes within a few hours.

My account is locked. How can I unlock it?

After multiple unsuccessful login attempts, accounts might get locked. Reach out to customer support or follow any instructions sent to your email.

I didn't receive my Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code. What should I do?

There might be a slight delay, so wait a bit. Ensure you can access your registered phone number or email. If the issue persists, contact support.