Pin Up Sports Betting in Bangladesh

Pin-Up ranks among the world’s leading betting platforms, providing users with an array of opportunities, generous bonuses, swift withdrawals, and round-the-clock support. Users can place bets on a vast selection of sports, engage in various promotions, and utilize their preferred payment methods for withdrawals. Additionally, newcomers are offered a welcome bonus up to 33,000 BDT.

Bet on Sports at Pin Up

Profile: Pin-Up Sports Betting Platform

Established in 2016, Pin-Up has emerged as a dominant player in the global betting scene, with a notable presence in Bangladesh. A testament to their commitment to excellence, they’ve steadily built a reputation based on trust and transparent gaming experiences.

Key Features:

Hosts Bangladesh players Yes
Accepts BDT Yes
Year of foundation 2016
Headquarters Cyprus
Services Sports betting, online casino
License Curacao No. 8048/JAZ
Platforms Official website, mobile app for Android and iOS
Welcome Bonus +125% up to 33,000 BDT

Benefits of Betting with Pin Up in Bangladesh

As an official sports betting platform in Bangladesh, Pin Up Bookmaker brings forth an expansive range of betting and gambling opportunities tailored for Bangladeshi enthusiasts. Our relentless drive towards enhancing service quality has cemented an array of advantages for our patrons:

  • Access to tens of thousands of sports events for betting.
  • Coverage of over 65 distinct sports.
  • A generous welcome bonus on the first deposit, reaching up to 33,000 BDT.
  • 24/7 customer support, ensuring your queries never go unanswered.
  • A robust and user-friendly mobile application for on-the-go betting.
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods for user convenience.

Pin Up Betting Markets

Pin Up offers a rich sports betting landscape designed for both novice and veteran bettors. Each sport on the platform is meticulously curated, providing a dedicated page that showcases upcoming tournaments and matches.

Below is a table highlighting the primary sports available for betting on Pin Up, accompanied by some of their most notable leagues or events:

Sport Prominent Leagues/Events
Cricket Indian Premier League (IPL), The Ashes, ICC World Cup, Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)
Football English Premier League (EPL), UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, Bangladesh Premier League (Football)
Tennis Wimbledon, US Open, ATP World Tour
Volleyball FIVB World Championship, Volleyball Nations League
Hockey NHL, IIHF World Championship
Table Tennis ITTF World Championships, Table Tennis World Cup
Badminton All England Open, BWF World Championships
Golf The Masters, PGA Tour, Ryder Cup
Futsal FIFA Futsal World Cup, UEFA Futsal Championship
Snooker World Snooker Championship, UK Championship
Esports Dota 2: The International, CS:GO: Major Championships, LoL: World Championship, Valorant: Champions Tour
Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, British Grand Prix

Pin Up’s Betting Options

The hallmark of premier betting platforms is their extensive range of betting markets. Pin Up distinguishes itself by offering an assortment of markets spanning various sports. Here’s an insight:

  • Match Outcome: An elementary wager predicting a match’s result – be it a win, loss, or draw.
  • Totals (Over/Under): Wagers on whether a specified statistic (typically total goals or points) will surpass or remain below a predetermined number.
  • Handicap Wagers: Modifying the result by a specific point count to equalize the competition.
  • Both Teams Scoring: Predicting if both teams will register a score during the game.
  • Opening Score Team: Anticipating the team that will secure the inaugural goal or point.
  • Individual Player Markets: Encompasses bets such as top point-getter, anytime scorer, or potential recipients of a card.
  • Event-Specific Wagers (Prop Bets): Related to distinct in-game occurrences, like the total number of corners in soccer or aggregate aces in tennis.
  • Tournament Predictions (Futures/Outrights): Wagers on the eventual victor of a championship or league, e.g., forecasting the FIFA World Cup champion.
  • Esports Betting Avenues: Acknowledging the rise in esports, Pin Up has curated markets for popular games including Dota 2, CS:GO, Valorant, and League of Legends. These might encompass predictions on match victors, cumulative kills, the first to attain a specific milestone, or stats centered on individual players.
  • Real-time Wagers (In-play/Live Betting): Pin Up’s live wagering spectrum allows enthusiasts to stake while the event unfolds. These dynamically shifting odds adapt in congruence with the evolving nature of the game.

Bet at Pin Up

Understanding Odds at Pin Up

Odds are the cornerstone of betting, setting the tone for potential returns on a wager. When it comes to Pin Up, here’s what bettors should know:

  • Decimal Odds: Predominantly embraced in Europe and a favorite among many international enthusiasts. These odds display the total payout for a victorious bet, inclusive of the initial wager.
  • Fractional Odds: Quintessential to UK bettors, they express the potential winnings relative to the placed stake.
  • American Odds: Presented as either positive or negative figures. Positive values illustrate the winnings from a 100-unit stake, whereas negative ones demonstrate the stake required to gain 100 units.
  • Market-Leading Rates: Pin Up prides itself on proffering competitive odds, often superior to or in alignment with other renowned platforms, maximizing bettors’ return on investment.
  • Dynamic Pricing: As is customary across betting sites, Pin Up’s odds can pivot in response to factors like unexpected player updates, injuries, or significant wagers on specific outcomes. In the realm of live betting, these shifts are even more instantaneous.

Staying Updated with Live Scores on Pin Up

Pin Up’s live score feature is a cornerstone of its app, providing real-time updates on various sports events. It offers prompt score updates, ensuring users stay informed about important moments in their chosen sports. The coverage is extensive, including football, tennis, basketball, and cricket, among others. In addition to scores, users can access in-depth match insights, including player statistics, team configurations, and live commentary. The app’s user-friendly dashboard allows for easy navigation between different sports and contests, and users can customize alerts to stay updated even when not actively using the app.

Welcome Bonus: Boosting Your Betting Capital

New PinUp members are greeted with a generous bonus that correlates with their initial deposit.

Deposit Range (BDT) Bonus Percentage
150 – 6,500 100%
6,500 – 13,000 110%
13,000 – 19,500 115%
19,500 – 26,000 120%
26,000 and above 125%

Quick 3-Step Registration at Pin Up

Pin-Up bookmaker welcomes all users above 18 to place bets. Remember, only adults are permitted to gamble. If you’re below 18, please refrain from attempting registration. For eligible players, setting up an account is a swift process:

  • Initiate Registration: Navigate to the Pin-Up betting site’s main page and select the registration option. You can either sign up using your phone number or email.
  • Provide Details: Fill in the required personal and contact fields. Ensure accuracy for hassle-free future verifications.
  • Verify Contact: Depending on your chosen registration method, you’ll either receive a verification code or a confirmation link to your provided contact.

This account is adaptable, granting access both on the website and mobile app. Registering with Pin-Up is a matter of mere minutes.

Kickstarting Your Betting Journey at Pin-Up Bangladesh

Essentially, registration is your gateway to start betting. Sometimes, there’s no initial investment needed as users might gain access to no-deposit bonuses or free bets. Setting those occasional promotions aside, here’s how to begin:

  • Account Creation: Register on the official Pin-Up platform, be it website or app.
  • App Installation: If you prefer the mobile client, download and install it from the website.
  • Fund Your Account: Top-up your balance through the available payment methods – with over 10 options at your disposal.

Once credited, you’re free to use these funds across any betting or gaming options on Pin Up Bangladesh.

Pin-Up Bangladesh Mobile App for Android and iOS

Smartphone users can enjoy the comprehensive mobile version of Pin-Up Bangladesh via a downloadable application. After installation, this app grants access to all features of the bookmaker, including bonus activation, placing bets, and withdrawals.

Downloading Pin-Up App for Android

Steps to Download and Install APK:

  • Open the Site: Navigate to the official site using any mobile browser.
  • Download: Access the main menu by tapping the three-bar icon on the top-left. Choose “Install Android”. On the subsequent page, select “Download to Android” and confirm.
  • Install: Post-download, execute the file and approve the installation.
    Note: Android users might need to enable downloads from unknown sources, adjustable via security settings.

System Requirements for Android:

Criteria Requirement
Operating System Android 6.1
Free Memory Space 50 MB
Processor 1 GHz

Downloading Pin Up App for iOS

Steps to Download and Install iOS APK file:

  • Open the Site: Visit the PinUp homepage via your mobile browser.
  • Access the App Page: Utilize the main menu, accessible via the top-left button, and navigate to the relevant section. Tap on “Install iOS”, followed by “Download to iOS”.
  • Install from App Store: This will redirect you to the official App Store page. Complete the app’s installation from there.
    After the installation, an app icon will appear on your home screen. Click on it, log in, and start playing.

System Requirements for iOS:

Criteria Requirement
Operating System iOS 8
Free Memory Space 50 MB
Processor 1 GHz


Navigating the world of online betting can be daunting, but with platforms like Pin Up, the journey becomes less complicated and more rewarding. Pin Up has positioned itself as a reliable and comprehensive betting platform, catering to both novice bettors and seasoned punters. Its broad array of betting markets, competitive odds, and real-time live score features ensure that every user has a tailored and enhanced betting experience. Whether you’re placing your first bet or your hundredth, Pin Up provides all the tools necessary to make your betting experience enjoyable and potentially profitable.


What types of odds does Pin Up offer?

Pin Up offers Decimal, Fractional, and American odds to cater to a diverse range of bettors.

How does live betting work on Pin Up?

Live betting allows you to place bets on events as they unfold in real-time. The odds change dynamically based on the game's progression.

Does Pin Up provide real-time score updates?

Yes, the Pin Up app offers a live score feature which provides instant score updates across a wide range of sports.

What sports can I bet on at Pin Up?

Pin Up offers a plethora of sports disciplines, including but not limited to, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, and esports.

How do I understand the different betting markets available?

The guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of various betting markets, from match results and over/under bets to prop bets and futures.