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Originating from the verdant state of Karnataka in India, Andar Bahar is a card game that weaves simplicity with excitement. With its rising fame, the digital adaptation, notably the Andar Bahar online version, has become a staple in online casinos and dedicated gaming applications, promising real money winnings.

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How to Play Andar Bahar

The primary objective of Andar Bahar is to correctly predict where a card, matching the value of a previously drawn card, will appear: on the Andar (inside) side or the Bahar (outside) side.


  • A standard deck of 52 cards is used.
  • Players can play against a dealer or the house.

Starting the Game

The dealer shuffles the deck and draws a single card to display to all players. This card is known as the ‘middle card’ or the ‘game card’.

Placing Bets

Before the next card is drawn, players place their bets on whether the next card of the same value (as the middle card) will appear on the Andar or Bahar side.

Dealing the Cards

  • The dealer then begins dealing cards one at a time, alternating between the Andar and Bahar sides.
  • The side on which the first card is dealt can vary based on tradition or house rules. Commonly, if the middle card is black (spades or clubs), the first card is placed on the Andar side. If the middle card is red (hearts or diamonds), the first card goes to the Bahar side.

Determining the Winner

  • The dealer continues to deal cards alternately on the Andar and Bahar sides until a card matching the value of the middle card appears.
  • If the matching card appears on the Andar side and the player had bet on Andar, they win; if it appears on the Bahar side and the player had bet on Bahar, they win. Conversely, if the card appears on a side opposite to the player’s bet, the player loses their bet.


  • The exact payout ratio can vary based on the house or the specific game’s rules.
  • Generally, if the first card (after the middle card) is dealt on the Andar side and the matching card also appears on the Andar side, the payout is often 0.9:1. If the matching card appears on the Bahar side in this scenario, the payout is usually 1:1.
  • If the first card is dealt on the Bahar side and the matching card appears on the Andar side, the payout is 1:1. If the matching card appears on the Bahar side in this case, the payout is 0.9:1.
  • Starting a New Round: After the conclusion of a round, players can choose to place their bets again, and a new middle card is drawn to start a new game.

The Low House Edge Advantage

Andar Bahar boasts a minimal house edge, positioning it as a favorable choice for those aiming to maximize their winnings. In gambling terminology, the house edge is the casino’s average profit from each bet. If we consider a house edge of 5%, it indicates that for every $100 wagered, the casino would typically retain $5. This lean margin of advantage for the casino is one of the compelling factors that attracts seasoned players to Andar Bahar. It’s essential to understand that the house edge tends to rise as the game progresses due to the shifting odds with each card dealt.

The Allure of High RTP

Andar Bahar promises an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate. In simpler terms, RTP denotes the percentage of the total wagered amount that players can anticipate in returns. For instance, an RTP of 95% suggests that a bet of $100 would generally result in winnings of about $95. This favorable RTP percentage, coupled with the game’s inherent charm, is a significant draw for serious gamblers. It’s interesting to observe that the RTP sees a spike as the game unfolds, owing to the evolving game dynamics with each card played.

Live Andar Bahar at Pin Up Online Casinos:

Live Andar Bahar is an online version of the traditional Indian card game, Andar Bahar. Instead of relying on computer algorithms or RNG (Random Number Generator), the game is streamed live from a studio with real dealers handling the cards. This provides players with an immersive experience, akin to being at a physical casino. In a live Andar Bahar game, players can interact with the dealer and sometimes other players through chat. The dealer, meanwhile, can communicate verbally, making the experience more engaging and authentic.

Benefits of Live Gaming

  • Transparency: Players can see the cards being shuffled and dealt in real-time, which many find reassuring compared to computer-generated outcomes.
  • Engagement: The human interaction element can make the game more enjoyable and captivating.
  • Convenience: Players can experience the thrill of a live game without the need to visit a physical casino.

Andar Bahar Game Tips and Tricks

When playing Andar Bahar online for cash, aiming for a near fifty-fifty winning chance is ideal. However, there are key principles to keep in mind:

  • Stay Grounded: Avoid getting overly ambitious with your bets, especially on real money Andar Bahar apps. It’s wise to step away if you experience consistent losses. Chasing losses, especially for beginners, can lead to further losses.
  • Bet Wisely: Always select games where you’re comfortable with potentially losing the stake. Take advantage of promotions or codes available on certain Andar Bahar real money apps to maximize your returns.
  • Gradual Stakes Begin with lower stakes. Jumping directly to mid or high stakes in the hopes of winning big can result in greater losses.
  • Side Bets: Consider placing side bets. They can be an avenue to earn additional money or recover some losses.
  • Attention to the Joker: Always keep an eye on the 1st card, commonly known as the Joker card. Make your decision based on the Joker card’s suit.
  • Use Wins Judiciously: Instead of investing more from your main income, reinvest your winnings thoughtfully for future bets.
  • Tried and Tested Strategies: The Martingale Strategy: Here, you double your bet after a loss, hoping for a win that recoups losses. It’s a high-risk strategy.
  • The Anti-Martingale Strategy: Contrary to the Martingale, in this strategy, you double your bet after a win.

Remember, while these strategies and tips might enhance your gaming experience, Andar Bahar is still largely a game of chance. Play responsibly and ensure you’re enjoying the game rather than stressing over wins and losses.

Andar Bahar on Pin Up App: Real Money Gaming on the Go

The age of digital technology has breathed new life into traditional card games, taking them from physical tables to the screens of our devices. One such classic card game that has made this transition smoothly is Andar Bahar. For enthusiasts looking to play Andar Bahar for real money through their mobile devices, the Pin Up app emerges as an excellent choice.

Features of the Pin Up App:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed keeping the end-user in mind, the app boasts of a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface. Even newcomers to the game can quickly find their way around and start playing.
  • Secure Transactions: Understanding the concerns players might have about online transactions, the Pin Up app incorporates top-notch encryption technologies ensuring that deposits and withdrawals are secure and straightforward.
  • Live Dealers: The app provides an immersive experience by featuring live dealers. This not only enhances the authenticity of the game but also allows players to relive the thrill of playing at a physical casino.
  • Variety of Tables: Players can choose from a range of tables, each catering to different bet sizes, ensuring that both high-rollers and those on a budget have a place at the Pin Up casino.
  • Promotions and Bonuses: Regular promotions, bonuses, and special offers mean that players have added incentives to play and win.

How to Start Playing:

  • Download and Install: The first step is to download the Pin Up app from the official website or app store and install it on your mobile device.
  • Sign Up/Log In: If you’re a new player, you’ll need to sign up. Existing members can simply log in using their credentials.
  • Deposit Funds: Navigate to the banking section, select your preferred deposit method, and add funds to your account.
  • Choose Andar Bahar: From the game selection, pick Andar Bahar.
  • Place Your Bets and Play: Choose your bet size and side (Andar or Bahar) and dive into the gameplay!

Andar Bahar and Its Counterparts

Andar Bahar is an age-old Indian card game that thrives on simplicity and chance. Players need to guess where the card, matching a selected card, will appear – Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). While the game primarily rests on chance, it’s the sheer unpredictability and the swift nature of the game that makes it enthralling.

However, the world of card games is vast, and several games merge the thrill of chance with the strategic depth, allowing players to harness their cognitive abilities:

  • Indian Rummy: This is a skill-based game where players need to form valid sequences and sets from their set of cards to win. The game tests players’ memory, decision-making abilities, and strategic planning.
  • Poker: Recognized worldwide, Poker is a blend of skill, strategy, and psychology. Players bet based on the strength of their cards and their ability to bluff or predict opponents’ actions.
  • Call Break: Originating in Nepal, Call Break is a trick-taking game where players need to anticipate the number of hands they can win in a round. Strategy and foresight play a pivotal role.
  • Dehla Pakad (or Thulla): This Indian game is another trick-taking card game where players aim to capture specific cards to earn points. A mix of memory and strategy is key to mastering this game.

While Andar Bahar offers the exhilaration of immediate results, its counterparts allow players to use their mental prowess, making the outcome more gratifying.


Andar Bahar is a game that beautifully amalgamates tradition with the pulse of modern-day gaming. The combination of a low house edge, high RTP, live dealer options, and the accessibility of mobile gaming makes Andar Bahar a must-try for anyone looking to venture into the realm of online card games.


What is Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is an engaging variant of a traditional Indian card game. Known for its simplicity and favorable odds, it offers an enjoyable gaming experience for both beginners and seasoned players.

Is it possible to hack Andar Bahar?

Contrary to popular belief, hacking a game like Andar Bahar is not achievable. It's essential to play games fairly to ensure a genuine experience.

Can players cheat in Online Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar operates predominantly on chance, and any guaranteed win method doesn't exist. It's vital to approach the game with integrity and honesty.

Is playing Andar Bahar for real money an option?

Absolutely! Numerous online platforms offer Andar Bahar for real cash play. For newcomers, it's advisable to begin with free versions to understand the game dynamics and grasp its odds before venturing into real money play.

What's the most effective strategy for Andar Bahar?

The ideal strategy for Andar Bahar isn't set in stone since it largely depends on individual player preferences. A recommended approach is to first acquaint oneself with the game and its odds. Following this, players can test various betting strategies to determine what aligns best with their gameplay style.

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